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Corporate Values: Quotations of Famous People for Sberbank Employees

30 June 2014 year

Is there a way to turn company values into simple and clear rules of life for every employee? This was the task we had to solve, together with Sberbank. There are just three statements that all of the company's employees, from the directors of local banks to rank-and-file employees, should be governed by in their work: “I am a leader”, “We are a team” and “Do everything for our customers”.

As a result of brainstorming, a concept was born: quotations by famous people that would reveal the sense of each point. With the help of Sberbank, we carried out a survey among top managers in order to understand whose names are important to them, and whose words and thoughts resonate not only with their minds, but also with their hearts. As a result of the survey, the most appealing quotations were chosen and the work began.

Movie clip

This video represents only a small part of Sberbank’s efforts aimed at the introduction of these values. This work is undertaken upon a daily basis and is not quite visible to the public, and we are glad to be a part of it.


Our production team:

Director – Tatiana Aldoshina
Quotations collected – Tatiana Aldoshina and Katerina Miroshnikova
Quotations selected – Anna Parshina (OAO Sberbank of Russia)
Concept – Andrey Skvortsov and Yevgeniya Churbanova (OAO Sberbank of Russia)
Art director and designer – Natalia Pustynina
Production artist – Anastasiya Kovalskaya
Animation – Dmitry Misharin and Anastasiya Ryazanova
Music – Vladimir Sayko
Editing – Stanislav Tatarenkov
Production director – Dmitry Misharin
Project manager – Katerina Miroshnikova


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