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Orgenergogaz: Guardians of the Flow

22 September 2014 year

Challenge: Sometimes, oil and gas companies perform commissioning and startup using their own resources, and are not ready for supplemental checks by external consultants.

Solution: Our video

Indeed, why would you need an external audit? Is it just your desire to play it safe? However, it turns out that even a minor defect (a defective unit, a poor contact in a circuit, a microscopic defect in a welding seam) may not only lead to multi-millions in financial losses, but also cause a disaster.

Guardians of the Flow will provide real-life examples to prove that the inconspicuous work of Orgenergogaz's specialists is often priceless


Frames from the Reel:

Our production team:

Author, Director – Mikhail Katsal
Director of Photography – Andrey Novikov
Cameramen – Vitaly Pronin, Alexander Belov
Assistant Director – Alexander Solovyov
Producer – Elena Cherchik
Design – Natalya Pustynina, Dmitry Anashkin
3D Animation – Dmitry Anashkin, Ivan Barmin, Artur Prokurov, Roman Varlamov
2D Animation – Artur Prokurov, Roman Varlamov, Dmitry Misharin
Music – Vladimir Sayko
Editing – Stanislav Tatarenkov
Voice – Viktor Nabutov
Production Director – Dmitry Misharin
Project Managers – Ilya Kalyadin, Evgenija Demidova
General Producer – Andrey Skvortsov


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