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Big Country. Prirazlomnaya Platform

14 May 2015 year

We proudly present our new news series on Russia 24 — Big Country: 60-second videos about cool facilities.

Selection criteria:

1. The facility must be one-of-its-kind;

2. The facility must be visible/palpable (in exceptional cases we can make a video about a project in the pipeline);

3. The facility must have relevance to Russia.

Watch on Russia 24 and online. The first episode is about the Prirazlomnaya oil platform.

Konstantin Ganzhela comments on the method for shooting videos:

“It has a three-way format — photos of the real-life facility, text, and infographics for explanations and cameramapping. We re-create the camera using 3D imagery and project pictures onto 3D forms. This is how we achieve volume and make things stand out against the background. Then we finalize the background. We add our camera and animation making it look like the camera flies around a facility or goes past it. Reflections are a bottleneck of this technology, but we deal with it by replacing the reflecting surfaces of pictures with digital imagery, so if you see water in a cameramapping image, you should know that it is 100% digital.”

Stills from the video:


General producer — Andrey Skvortsov
Producer — Gennady Kondratiev
Co-producer — Konstantin Ganzhela
Project Manager — Alexander Postnikov
Art Director — Andrey Kovalevsky
Operator — Andrey Novikov
The Script — Elena Anikevich, Alexander Postnikov
Designers — Denis Mitrofanov, Alexandr Zatonsky, Serhiy Sobolev
Animators — Elena, Polina, Andrey Oleynik, Rustam Gebekov
Color Correction — Alexander Zatonskiy
Sound Engineer — Andrey Morokhin
Music by — Alexander Saloid

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