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/ Interactive Presentation: Kirinskoye Gas and Condensate Fie

Interactive Presentation: Kirinskoye Gas and Condensate Fie

23 May 2015 year

The extracting facility, construction phases, and engineering solutions can all be found in your tablet now as an interactive directory. The encyclopedic accuracy of data is combined with the fun presentation format.



General producer — Andrey Skvortsov
The Producers — Elena Cherchyk, Katerina Miroshnikova
Design — Svetlana Golovchanskaya, Alexander Livanov, Natalia Pustynia
3d animation — Dmitry Anashkin, Rostislav Kiyantsev, Andrew Voznyi
2d animation, compositing — Anastasiya Ryazanova, Dmitry Dimov, Dmitry Misharin
Production Director — Dmitry Misharin
Head of the development team — Alexander Gaponov
Programmers — Alexei Kuzmichev, Sergey Shpunt, Dmitry Lavrik
Design — Svetlana Golovchanskaya, Alexander Livanov
Mapmakers Ivan Karpenko, Alexander Emelyanov, Alexander Dobriansky
Project Manager — Evgeniya Demidova, Katerina Miroshnikova

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