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Cool Tiny Things

28 July 2015 year

Our video did a perfect job for RMT for two years, but there is nothing permanent under the sun. The company is developing and could barely fit into the story that we told last time.

The new one is about people and machines assembling microscopic refrigerators for the entire world. People make unique designs of unique devices, and then robots take over. They provide soldering, laser cutting, and assembly of micro-refrigerators. These parts will eventually be incorporated into space satellites, medical devices, or telecommunications systems. These are truly very tiny and very coolthings.



Director, Script Writer — Mikhail Katsal
Director of Photography — Andrey Novikov
Cameramen — Alexander Belov, Vitaly Pronin
Presenter — Steve Eliot
Design — Nastya Kovalskaya
3D animation — Dmitry Anashkin
2D animation — Dmitry Misharin
Music by Alexander Andreyev
Editors — Stanislav Tatarenkov, Andrey Korygin
Art Director — Dmitry Anashkin
Production Director — Katerina Miroshnikova
General Producer — Andrey Skvortsov

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